DOUGLAS LACY – Director – Engineering and Operations


Douglas Lacy has more than 30 years of leadership experience in business transformations and MRP/ERP implementation and reengineering leadership. Mr. Lacy’s process engineering background has enabled him to lead facility layout and design projects. His extensive engineering and financial analytical skills have enabled outstanding process improvement results in different manufacturing sectors including automotive parts, glass assemblies, coating and printing operations, and new business startups.

Mr. Lacy also has extensive IT and financial experience, having led business turnarounds and implemented MRP/ERP systems in various industries. He has assessed and analyzed business systems data to drive operations toward improved future states. During MRP/ERP system implementations, Mr. Lacy has focused on reviewing and establishing standards for essential transactions and driving remedial action with client teams. He has also taken lead roles in stabilizing information systems and generating useful financial information from otherwise chaotic systems, verifying that financial information reflects a true picture of performance.

Mr. Lacy has led improvement teams in transactional areas such as new product development, IT systems, customer service, supply chain, purchasing, inventory control, scheduling, shop floor control, warehouse, and fleet management. Mr. Lacy is a Certified Master Blackbelt and a Certified Advanced Lean Instructor.


Bachelor of Science – Mechanical Engineering
Advanced Lean Instructor
Certified Master Blackbelt
Extensive MRP and ERP Training