JOHN M. STEWART – Director – Supply Chain and Logistics

John Stewart is a management consultant specializing in supply chain process re-engineering and project management. Mr. Stewart has helped client teams design and implement logistics business processes in a variety of industries including: manufacturing, food, retail, horticultural production, publishing, distribution and third-party logistics.

Mr. Stewart’s 25 years of industry experience includes hands-on team facilitation and process design as a consultant, line manager and project manager for domestic and international supply chain clients.

Mr. Stewart’s experience includes:

  • Supply chain network design, including cost and service analysis of inventory, distribution and transportation;
  • Transportation planning and execution to achieve double-digit cost reduction within delivery service parameters;
  • Distribution center design to achieve double-digit improvement in storage and labor productivity through layout optimization;
  • Trade compliance assessment including process design and implementation for import, export and NAFTA;
  • Dedicated fleet outsourcing decision analysis, bid management and implementation.


Bachelor of Science – Finance
Master of Science – International Management